Active coastal zones are ripe with phallacies

Morris Island, just south of Chatham, MA is in an area of very active coastal geomorphology. Monomoy Island, for example, has an approximately 140-year periodicity of being attached and separated from the mainland in the Chatham region. The whole Elbow-of-the-Cape locale has some interesting and rapidly changing features such as shifting spits, ebb and flood tidal deltas and more.

Once I saw that first phallacy-as-fact image (the sea salt spray shown in my first post), I started seeing phallacies everywhere in my academic work at the time (in coastal and glacial geology).

MorrisIslandTell me that you don’t see the phallacy suggested by Stage Harbor and that bit of Morris Island jutting out there towards Harding Beach (heh… Harding… how adolescent am I?) on the other side of the channel. Just. Too. Phallic. (And naturally too – no drawing involved! The image is from Google Earth, without any… errr… enhancements.)


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