From clouds to ruts – asphallacies, thanks to Wanksy

Heard on NPR’s “Wait, Wait -Don’t Tell Me,” then confirmed by numerous articles, the fact of potholes on roads that have led to the Phallacies of a street artist now known as Wanksy. Wanksy has brilliantly drawn attention to damaging potholes on roads in a small town in England by spray-painting Phallacies around, next to or entering into these road hazards. The paint washes off after a few weeks (Wanksy stresses that fact in an interview), but in the meantime, the drawings have been enough of an eyesore to some townspeople that the potholes have been getting filled. Filled. Huh. And not too well, I might add – quick patches that are going to fall apart in short order… Basically a cursory, uninvolved attempt at filling the holes. Not unlike a long-past short-term boyfriend of mine.

The quick, crude phallacy drawings by Banksy are reviled by some, and reveled in by others. (Personally, I love the puniness of the so-named Cockness Monster posted on Wanksy’s Facebook page.) I know that after our northeast U.S. apocalyptic post-winter horde of potholes — what would be the proper term for that? A cluster of craters? A drove of depressions? A swarm of ruts? An asphalt scabland?…

Where was I? Oh yes – after the never ending winter of 2015 has generated more potholes than a dope farmer’s fields, I would applaud the efforts by a Banksy-esque artist in my neighborhood. So much more of a useful application of phallacies than just seeing cocks-in-the-clouds.

Wanksy Another success.


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