Just a fact; no phallusy

While I was looking up a link for my last post, I found this gem of video from two giants of comedy, both of whom left us here on Earth far, far, FAR too early. Therefore, fact: Robin Williams and John Ritter together on stage back in the late 70’s = pure improv genius. And that’s no fallacy! I just couldn’t not post this; thanks to YouTuber OvalNet for uploading it.

Robin Williams Comedy Special with John Ritter


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I am a woman with a lot of different things on my mind (never a dull moment in there - always something bouncing around), and a lot of different interests - from my cat (why yes, I *am* single!)... to construction and building... to landlording... to designing furniture/gardens/art/whatever... to writing, weightlifting, local car racing (only for the team I crew with, really)... to science and environmentalism... to travel, politics and world events. I tend toward the sarcastic, the droll and the humorous (at least to me).
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