Sometimes you need a big band to show you the way…

Kansas State University’s marching band was TRYING to pump up the home team crowd, by showing the Starship Enterprise battling the opposing team’s mascot, the U. of Kansas Jayhawk.

They failed rather spectacularly. The resulting phallery (see it here) cost the director of the marching band a suspension, and the team a $5,000 fine.

Okay, so this was one phallery that initially got away from me. For once, I didn’t see it. It took me a bit. But I could CERTAINLY see a bird and a phallus more readily than the Starship Enterprise cramming itself into the mouth of a waiting bird. Maybe because that is more readily accessible to one’s imagination than what the band’s formation was trying to produce.

I mean, really… Why the Star Trek reference? The Kansas State mascot is Willie the Wildcat, not William Shatner… Ohhh… wait… Willie. I get it!!!! (But I still think they’d have done better trying to produce a cat going after a bird (Wildcat v. Jayhawk). Either way, I give the band and its director credit. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to develop and execute these marching band formations…




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