Fresh from the headlines – woman shocked to see fluffy phallacy floating in the sky

CloudPhallusJust to provide proof that I am not the only person who sees phallacies everywhere, I offer an article from the good old UK Daily Mail (a paper that provides plenty of fodder for the facts-or-phallacies question), which goes into depth (pun intended, of course) about a woman, Noeleen Foster, who was “thrilled to capture” (Daily Mail’s words) a turgid – and quite elaborate – mist-phallacy rising high into the skies over Zuccoli, Australia.

Good on you, Noeleen – you look pretty happy with your discovery! I would be too.

Noeleen’s cloud-head may not be the only one ever (the Daily Mail includes another such cloud snapped by), but to my eyes, it certainly is the most anatomically correct.

(Image by Noeleen Foster; I enhanced the brightness and contrast only – and hey, it looks more like a painting than a photo… Hmmm…)

See the whole article: Looking at clouds in a whole new way in the Daily Mail


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